Sunday 15 May 2016

Clean Sweep ARC Challenge Update!

Thought I would do a status check now that half of May has gone and see if I will achieve my goals.
My goals:
97% ratio on NetGalley (94% now)
Well, I'm down to 92%, so I will be happy if I will get back to 94% before the month over...although I have read 8 ARCs, but it doesn't it help when I keep on requesting and being approved for books...
5 Edelweiss books read
Let's see...1 read! Hm...failing this one also...
3 paperback/hardcover/ sent to me from publishers
5 hardcovers read so this goal I have managed to achieve. 
2 ebooks send to me from publishers, not through NetGalley or Edelweiss.
1 ebook, but I'm not sure I have more to read...

For the fourth year in a row during the month of May we will be challenging you to get those advanced reading copies read!  These can be e-arc’s, finished copies, audio and physical arcs. (regardless of release date) As an added bonus you will be able to schedule advanced reviews and free up your time to enjoy the warmer weather. To make things fun there will be 24 hour readathon and a grand prize for a 2016 release.
So roll up your sleeves grab your brooms and check your NetGalley stats, Edelweiss haul and those books you’ve meant to review in your ARC TBR pile..because it’s time to make a CLEAN SWEEP! 
Clean Sweep ARC Challenhe

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