Thursday 12 May 2016

Cover Crush: The Second Mrs. Hockaday by Susan Rivers

Erin over at Flashlight Commentary is the one that came up with the cover crush idea and I loved it so much that I decided that every Thursday would I post a cover that I really love. 

Check out this week's cover crush over at Flashlight Commentary, 2 Kids and Tired Books and The Maidens Court!


This week's cover crush is the wonderful cover for The Second Mrs. Hockaday by Susan Rivers. I was approved for an ARC just 2 days ago and it was seeing the cover the book when I downloaded it for a post about the latest ARC's that I have been approved for that made me decide to use it for this week's cover crush.

It's probably the book on the cover that really got to me, lol since I'm a bit addicted to books. And, I just love the little bundle of flower that makes me think about forget-me-nots which are my favorite flower. Also, the font is lovely. I have a think for fonts, it just has to be the right one for the cover. The wrong font can really ruin an otherwise lovely cover.

And this is a pic of me trying to write the post and my cat deciding that my lap is irresistibly....

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