Friday 6 May 2016

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Patricia Marie Budd was born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada. In her early twenties she studied mime in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (1983/84) and then later renewed her interest in physical theatre by studying with Phillip Gaulier in London, England (1996/97).

As a result of her extensive training in drama much of Patricia Marie Budd’s writing is theatrical in nature. Patricia has self-published three novels thus far: A New Dawn Rising; Hell Hounds of High School and the highly acclaimed Hadrian’s Lover.

Patricia’s fourth novel Hadrian’s Rage, will be released May 3, 2016. Her current residence is in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada where she has been teaching high school English since 1991.

For Patricia writing is a passion. She has been writing since early childhood when, in grade five, she wrote a short play and performed it for her peers. The controversial quality of her writing was evident even then as her teacher shut the show down. Much of Patricia’s writing has been theatrical in nature, having a one act play produced in The Rhubarb Festival’s Special Event in 1984. She has also participated in a number of playwriting labs under the tutelage of Canada’s renowned playwright, Sharon Pollock. In 1998 she was a part of the Alberta Playwriting Committee. In 2003 Patricia’s play The Aging Philosopher received honorable mention at the Alberta Playwright’s Network Playwriting competition.

Patricia’s novels have received substantial praise from a variety of sources.

Reviews for A New Dawn Rising include:
The Midwest Book Review, February, 2009
“A twist on views on slavery, A New Dawn Rising is a solidly recommended piece of historical fiction.”

Historical Novel Society, February, 2007
 “The book is very fast paced and will be enjoyed by readers of early American fiction and romance.”

Reviews for Hadrian’s Lover include:
So So Gay, London, England, September 2013
5 Stars, Editor’s Choice for the month of September: “Beautiful, heart-wrenchingly poignant, and brilliantly conceived”

My Gay Toronto, December, 2013
Hadrian's Lover inspires internal debate and thought. As a text in a high school classroom it would do wonders and possibly change the world.”

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