Saturday 7 January 2017

#BookReview The Amulet Thief by Luanne Bennett

The Amulet Thief by Luanne Bennett
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Fitheach blood doesn’t just run through the veins–it’s a binding contract that can never be broken.

Alex Kelley vanished twenty-one years ago–the night her mother was murdered. When she comes home to New York City, she wants just two things: a little peace, and answers about the unsolved murder and why she was abandoned in the middle of America at the age of eight.

Greer Sinclair, an enigmatic stranger who knows a little bit more than he should, just might give her both–and more if she’ll let him.

What is she?

What is he?

Who is this beguiling satyr who keeps coming between them?

She attracts the otherworldly like moths to a flame. And why does every stranger on the streets of Manhattan want a piece of her and that pendant hanging around her pretty little neck?

Maybe the answers are in a peculiar shop in the heart of Greenwich Village where ghosts, memories, and secrets are bursting from the walls and the books and the one person who knows her best.

The line between the mundane and supernatural worlds is starting to blur. Which side will she choose? Which would you?


I found the description of the book intriguing. I find urban fantasy to be a very interesting genre, the mix of magic and modern world blended together. The book started good, with Alex Kelley arriving in New York, where years ago her mother was murdered and she abruptly together with her mother's best friend Ava left without telling anyone. What really happened all those years ago? Alex feel watching when she comes to the town, like everyone around her is watching her every move. Is she just being paranoid?

I think the first part of the book was the best when Alex was in the dark. Then, she meets Greer Sinclair and for me, the story just didn't work after that. Suddenly the story turned new adult, with Alex being attracted to Greer and jealous of other women. And, it didn't take a long time for them to sleep together. Now, for some readers is this fine, they want this and like reading stories with lots of passion and sex. I don't. I like when everything moves along at a slower pace between two characters. And, I just don't like the alpha male stereotype. Rich, sexy and rough. A man that sees a woman as a possession. Which of course happens when Constantine enters the story and suddenly there are two sexy men after Alex. Sorry, this is just not my thing. I wanted a mystery story with magic elements, but I just couldn't find my interest on the same level after around 31% of the book. 

The Amulet Thief is just not for me, I like urban fantasy, but the story just never turned out to be as interesting as I hoped it to be. I just couldn't muster much interest in Alex hunt for the amulet that her mother left for her that then went missing. And, frankly this "let's keep Alex in the dark about her past" was just annoying. Sometimes it's just better to sit down and have it all out. Not being all mysterious and cryptic. On the plus side, the book was easy to read. I just wish the story had been better, and the characters less stereotypical. 

I want to thank the TBConFB for providing me with a free copy for an honest review!

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