Sunday 7 August 2016

Blog Tour: S5 Uncovered by James Durose-Rayner

Based around a series of true events. The BBC's current affairs programme 'Panorama' undertook a sixty minute documentary / exposé surrounding an elite government task force that went undercover in Sheffield over a period of twelve months. Their remit was to use the Proceeds of Crime Act to fill up the police federations coffers using illegally gained intelligence, on one hand overlooking - and in some cases encouraging - major criminal activity such as murder, kidnap and torture; whilst on the other, surreptitiously acquiring pre-bargained guilty pleas from defendants then reneging on deals, which culminated in some of the heaviest sentences ever handed out in the UK. But the programme was never aired.


James Durose-Rayner describes S5 Uncovered and what made him write the book:

I never ever wanted to go into intricate detail or specifics about this but here goes.

S5 is possibly the most biographical account of any author without it actually being a biographical account. Every character an author writes about – there’s a little bit of ‘he or she’ in them, that’s why the majority of the time I tend to base the characters along the lines of real people, so as to dilute the author out of the character. S5 is a bit different, as the story is based around a series of true events. The characters are obviously characters, but they are the most real life characters that you will ever come across. I never ever had to stray far from the actual person.

The programme ‘Panorama’ never prompted me to write the book.

A promise I made to the lad on remand (criminal 2) is what prompted me to write the book.

I did it as a favour – to keep his head up if-you-like.

If you have ever been in prison (again write what you know) you’ll know that the person on the inside needs an outlet to the outside and to know that hasn’t been forgotten. There are exceptions, but that’s generally the case.

The senior policeman was obviously my man ‘in the know’ and he gave me the angle on the overall story. Was he corrupt? No. Was he breaking the law? Every day.

I really couldn’t have written the S5 without his input. 

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About James Durose-Rayner

James Durose-Rayner has over twenty years’ experience in journalism. He is a member of the Writer’s Guild and the editor of NATM, the UK’s leading specialist civil engineering journal. His writing has been featured in over 210 magazines and his debut indie-novel, S63: Made in Thurnscoe, published in 2001, received positive reviews. In 2015, I Am Sam (Clink Street Publishing) and itv Seven (New Generation Publishing) followed to more affirmative acclaim. Durose-Rayner currently divides his time between the UK and Cyprus.

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