Monday 11 April 2016

Blog update!

Been busy today finishing Missing You by Harlan Coben and moving old reviews from my old "And Now For Something Completely Different" blogger site to "A Bookaholic Swede". For some reason, it's impossible to extract and upload the content on my Wordpress site to "A Bookaholic Swede" so I have to do it manually, but that's fine, then I can check them over.

However, it went fast as hell to move my old reviews from one blogger account to another, and then I just had to check them over and fix them so they look good, and frankly remove some reviews that I'm not that proved of, 1-star books (NA etc and a lot of graphic novels that I just didn't feel like going through). And, I quite like doing it. I'm the kind of person that just love to spend hours doing stuff like this. And, it's quite interesting to go through old reviews. And, for instance, see how I'm improved when it comes to writing reviews.  

And, I have been thinking of putting together a recap of March, but I keep putting it off. Will see if I get to it this week...well at last before May I hope! :)

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