Sunday 24 April 2016

NetGalley Readathon

I have decided to do something about my Netgalley pile of books! Alright, 92% isn't bad, but I feel that I'm starting pile up books again faster than I read them so I will take a week to get through my list of "New" books (I will not bother the ones that I have placed on my reading list, if I don't look at them they are not there), and see how many I can read during a week!

I will start this tomorrow 25 April and I will end it Sunday 1 May.

My goal is to 1) get through at last 10 books.

It's will OK for me to DNF a book, but I must at least read 15% of the book before I can do that. Hopefully, not many of them will be that bad.

Edit: Thought that I had missed downloading Little Boy Blue, but I found it! :D

The Missing Hours - Emma Kavanagh  Echoes from Afar - Tamara McKinley  The Road to Rangoon - Lucy Cruickshanks  Little Boy Blue: A Detective Helen Grace Thriller (A Helen Grace Thriller) - M.J. Arlidge  The Girl from the Paradise Ballroom: A Novel - Alison Love  Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Gray: A Novel - Dorothy Love  Sister Eve and the Blue Nun (A Divine Private Detective Agency Mystery) - Lynne Hinton  Fading Starlight - Kathryn Cushman  Sleep Sister: A page-turning novel of psychological suspense - Laura Elliot  See How They Run: The Gripping Thriller that Everyone is Talking About - Tom Bale  A Dictionary of Mutual Understanding: A Novel - Jackie Copleton  Devour - Kurt Anderson  Daisy in Chains - Sharon Bolton  In the Clearing (Tracy Crosswhite Book 3) - Robert Dugoni  Play Dead - Angela Marsons  Beyond the Ice Limit: A Gideon Crew Novel (Gideon Crew Series) - Douglas Preston,Lincoln Child

Anyone who want's to join in are of course free to do so. This is purely a reading mission, not any competitions, giveaways, tasks or anything. Just reading and blogging about it!

Btw, I'm thinking of doing an Edelweiss one later on. I have many arcs from that site that also need to be read! :P

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