Wednesday 27 April 2016

NetGalley Readathon: Tuesday recap

The result of day 2:

Sister Eve and the Blue Nun (A Divine Private Detective Agency Mystery) - Lynne Hinton 
Day 2 showed that I never learn from mistakes as I forced myself through Sisters Eve and the Blue Nun when I knew that I should have stopped reading the book early on. 

Lost Among the Living - Simone St. James
However, I did start and read 51% of Lost Among the Living. And, I enjoyed reading that book quite a lot!

Thoughts: The hardest part was actually not starting this book that arrived in the mail yesterday:

it's the one book I have been waiting to get and of course it arrived the one week I'mn dedicating to Netgalley!

Also, of course, I was approved for a Netgalley book yesterday:

And, I have been so good with reading and not requesting any books!

I did, however, DNF a The Sharp Hook of Love that I have had for a long time that I to be honest regretted requesting, so yesterday did I try and see if it was better than I thought it would be, but it wasn't so now that one is gone!

The Sharp Hook of Love: A Novel of Heloise and Abelard - Sherry Jones

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