Saturday 30 April 2016

NetGalley Readathon: Friday recap

Day 5 recap! 

You know if you wake up early, like say over 1 hour before the alarm goes off, then you have time to read! So I finished the last 30% of Fading Starlight before work!

Fading Starlight - Kathryn Cushman

Later that day did I start Dasiy in Chains by Sharon Bolton. Sometimes I just go for the books that I want to read and don't care about the date the books being released. Manged 25% before it was time to sleep!  

Daisy in Chains - Sharon Bolton

Thoughts:  Been a good reading week, however, I will be nice when it's over, not that I mind reading just NG books, but I have other books waiting to be read and I feel a bit guilty about having just picked books from one source this week. Not to mention the ones that I have bought that I want to read.

But, on the plus side, if I don't get approved for more books should the review for Daisy in Chains get me back to 95% on NetGalley. I thought the review for Fading Starlight would do that, but no, I was still on 94%. *sigh*

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